ROSA ET AL Townhouse reopens on June 1st 2020
The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests, employees and partners is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the new coronavirus COVID—19 local, national and international situation to be able to advice our guests and clients on travel plans and arrangements. We are rigorously following updates and guidance from the national authority for Health — Direcção-Geral de Saúde (DGS) —, and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide our guests and clients safety and peace of mind. And our staff has received special training and orientation on the latest and best practices suggested by the Health Authorities on how to protect themselves and others around them in any given situation.

The reopening of the hotel and restaurant is done according to the guidelines issued by the national authority for Health — Direcção-Geral de Saúde (DGS) —, the Working Conditions Authority (ACT), Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and other relevant entities in Portugal.

The townhouse has only seven deluxe suites in the Bombarda Art District, Cedofeita, and two pied-à-terre apartments in the heart of the UNESCO Heritage City Centre of Porto which enables a safe and clean environment with fewer people, promoting effortelessly the adviced social distance in any given situation. Stay with us safe and clean and enjoy this private exclusive and natural heaven right in city centre in Porto.
Turismo de Portugal 
According to the guidelines of the General Portuguese Health, Turismo de Portugal awarded us the CLEAN AND SAFE seal, promoting good hygiene and safety practices, which the townhouse — and all our related establishments — is committed to maintain to its highest standards, as we have been doing to the present day since our inauguration, for the health of all.
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A Contingency Plan was drafted and Internal Protocols revised in accordance with occupational health and safety services to guide and strengthen the preparedness and response to COVID—19 related situations. The plan, available for guests consultation, includes the procedures to be followed by an Employee or a Client exhibiting symptoms of the illness to prevent and control infections as well as reduce the propagation of the virus.

Procedures for detection and surveillance of suspected cases of COVID—19 are also incorporated in accordance with the National Health Authority — Direção-Geral de Saúde (DGS). The Contingency Plan describes how the company will continue to operate during or after an emergency, disaster or critical event specifically caused by possible suspect and/or confimed COVID—19 cases.

The Contingency Plan ensures that the company's employees are able to put all the recommended measures into practice and are aware of the levels of responsibility of all those involved in any given situation.


I. Hotel and Restaurant
Clients are informed, in a clear and visible way from the outside, about the new rules of operation, access, priority, care, hygiene, safety and other relevant regulations.

The opening hours to the public as well as the maximum capacity of the spaces were adjusted and posted at the door of the establishment, visible from the outside, to guarantee a reduction in circulation flows and public permanence.

A priority service is given to elderly people over 70 years old, immunocompromised individuals, people with weakened immune systems, health professionals, security forces and services, protection and emergency services, armed forces personnel and social support services.

The number of clients that can be at the establishment at once is limited according to each of the spaces frequented or used by the public and/or people outside the service.
Various measures, like seating and furniture arrangements, were adopted to ensure easy movement and safety distance. Clients are encouraged to use outdoor areas, such as terraces and the garden.

Safety distances and/or floor markings at the entrance and exit were defined and implemented to minimize any intersections, to secure the safety distance at all times.
Waiting lines inside are prohibited, guest and clientes namely for pick up or take-away are advised to wat ouside of our premises. Clients are encouraged to do prior scheduling to reserve tables, online purchases, 'Click and Collect' system and the 'takeout' service. 

Whenever possible, doors are kept open to minimize contact with it or with the handles and promote natural ventilation of the spaces. Good natural ventilation and frequent renewal of the fresh air in all areas have been ensured (at least 6 air changes per hour). 

Alcohol-based Antiseptic Solution (SABA) dispensers are available at strategic locations throughout our presmises  (e.g. dining area, biometric register, company “isolation” area) together with information on hand hygiene procedures namely at the entrance and exit of the establishment. In our premises, there is at least one SABA dispenser on each floor.

In table service, complete and effective cleaning is ensured after each use. Employees place plates, glasses, cutlery and other utensils on tables only in the presence of the client ensuring cleaning and sanitizing are done carefully before and after each use. Decorative items and objects that might get in contact with clients that are unimportant to the activity of the establishment were removed.

Individual menus have been replaced by menus that do not need to be handled physically by clients (for example, large plaques and/or digital menus).

Room Service is available for guests who wish to eat in the comfort and privacy of their suite.

The use of payments that do not involve any physical contact (MB Way, contactless cards or bank transfer) is highly recommended.
If clients must pay using cash, it must be an exact amount (change is not accepted).

Reservation cancellation policies have been made more flexible due to COVID-19 or any collateral effect.

The book of complaints went digital to avoid any unnecessary exchange of objects.

Remote contact (via phone call or email) with clients, suppliers and partners takes priority whenever possible. Guests receive e-mails in advance with information related to their arrival and/or stay with us to minimize unnecessary interaction throughout their stay. Clients, partners, suppliers and mail couriers are also aware in advance of the internal protocol when it comes to accessing our premisses.

II. Employees and Clients

All Employees received information and/or specific training on the internal protocol for COVID-19 and how to comply with simple precautions to control and prevent infections related to the COVID-19 outbreak. This to ensure that all the people who work within the hotel operate safely in compliance with hand hygiene measures, respiratory etiquette rules, physical distancing and use of masks (if applicable).

Signs were posted outside the entrance of the establishment as well as the bathrooms with a declaration by the health authorities in Portuguese and English, recalling main personal hygiene, interpersonal and social distance guidelines, the DGS recommendations on hand hygiene and on respiratory etiquette, reaffirming that no person, client, supplier or courier, with fever or symptoms may enter or remain on the premises.

A mandatory use of personal protective equipment was implemented for anyone accessing or staying in our spaces. The entry of anyone who is not wearing a mask will not be permitted. 

Guests and clients, suppliers and partners  are expected to disinfect their hands when entering our premises.
Employees are instructed to wash their hands whenever necessary, whenever they change specific tasks and every 30 minutes.

Clients have to respect in any situation the distance between people of at least 2 meters – 6 feet (except cohabitants). Employees should maintain, whenever possible, a distance of 2 meters – 6 feet from clients and other employees.

Social conduct procedures were adopted. This includes avoiding close contact, handshakes, kisses, shared jobs, face-to-face meetings and sharing of food, utensils, glasses and towels. Physical contact between third parties in the space is assertively discouraged.

Individual protection equipment was purchased for employees (according to professional activity and the risk of exposure). Clients are encouraged to bring their own PPE. In case this is not possible, a self-protection kit for clients is provided. It consists of at least one mask and a pair of disposable gloves with an instruction manual for correct use and handling. Flyers and posters are placed in strategic locations to remind our guests and employees of the correct way to use PPE.

Self-monitoring to assess fever is done daily. There might be a need to verify coughing, difficulty breathing, and body temperature measurements for clients and/or employees to evaluate if they can access and stay at the workplace.

During in-room spa treatments, therapists will use PPE and the guests are expected to use a mask. The therapist will wash and disinfect their hands before and after treatments. All contact surfaces used are properly clean and disinfected before and after use.
III. Cleaning and Disinfection

In accordance with the DGS guidelines and internal protocol, frequent washing and disinfection are done on the spaces and surfaces where employees and clients recirculate.

Hygiene products are available with stock proportional to the expected occupancy of the establishment. This includes single-use cleaning materials, especially cleaning cloths, single-use cleaning wipes moistened with disinfectant, bleach, as well as alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA) or 70% alcohol-based solution.

In the sanitary facilities, in addition to the hand washing equipment with liquid soap and single-use paper towels, dispensers for alcohol-based antiseptic solution or 70% alcohol-based solution were made available. Paper towels for drying hands are available to employees and clients in sanitary facilities and other places where hand hygiene is done. Sanitizing sanitary facilities at least 3 times a day with a product that contains the composition: detergent and disinfectant.

In addition to these exceptional measures, the plans for cleaning and sanitizing the facilities with the cleaning techniques to be adopted are implemented and posted in a visible place by employees. Bathrooms, including all sanitary equipment and bathtubs, are profoundly and regularly cleaned and disinfected according to DGS guidelines. 

Compressed air equipment use for cleaning (e.g. vacuum cleaners) was deactivated as the priority in all situations to wet cleaning over dry cleaning.

The removal of bed linen and towels is done without shaking, wrapping them outwards, without touching the body. Linens will then be packed in a waterproof bag, closed tightly and sent to the laundry (subcontractor). According to our partner laundries, bed linen and towels, as well as employee uniforms, are washed at the highest temperature that the fibers can withstand - disinfection cycle by heat (at least 60ºC – 140 ºF for 30 minutes, or between 80-90 ºC – 176-194 ºF, with 10 minutes of heat contact with clothing).

Two different professionals and/or teams will be specified: one for removing linens and making the beds; another for cleaning, in two spaced intervals.

Procedures were implemented in order to guarantee and reinforce an adequate cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, in accordance with DGS Guideline nº 014/2020.

Disinfecting is done frequently, at least six times a day using appropriate disinfectant based detergents that meet the requirements recommended by DGS in its Guideline n.º 014/2020. All areas of frequent contact are disinfected (equipment, objects, utensils and surfaces, sanitary facilities, furniture, floors, doors and handles, chairs, showcases, displays, hangers, counters, light switches and elevators, sink taps, tables, handrails, etc). 

After every use, critical equipment (such as payment terminals and individual menus), digital ordering devices, service areas, tables, seats and common contact areas are disinfected using appropriate detergents.

Between each client, towels are changed and tables and chairs are cleaned using the recommended products. Likewise, the dishes used by clients are always washed in a dishwasher with appropriate detergent, at an elevated temperature (80-90 ºC - 176-194 ºF).

Waste containers used in our premises have non-manual opening and plastic bags (50 or 70 microns thick).


PLEASE CALL SNS 24 — 808 24 24 24
Employees are explicitly trained about how to recognize and act before a client or employee with a suspected case of COVID-19. They are also informed on how to self-monitor symptoms and how to proceed in case of suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Any person, client or employee outside of our establishment who develops signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID—19 should not access the premises. They should contact the SNS 24 Line — 808 24 24 24 — or other telephone lines created specifically for this purpose and proceed according to the instructions provided by health personnel.

In order to restrict direct contact with confirmed and/or suspicious cases that may arise, a specific “isolation” area(s) and circuit(s) were established, specifically for employees and/or for clients(s) who are on the company's premises.

The isolation site designated to isolate one or more people with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID—19 is equipped with natural ventilation, and/or mechanical ventilation system and bathroom. It is stocked with cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, non-manual waste container, waste bags, used clothing collection bags, kit with water and some non-perishable foods. All items are properly sanitized and packed with instructions for self-protection and correct handling.

Each of the spaces above is equipped with an 'Isolation Area' kit as well as its respective signs. The kit is easily accessible, stored on the access path to the Isolation Area.

The contacts of the SNS 24 — 808 24 24 24 — which evaluates potential cases and contacts of the respective Local Health Authority were updated and posted in an accessible location, as well as the contacts of the Occupational Health Service and occupational physician(s) responsible for monitoring the health of the company employees.

Strategies were also adopted so that there is always an employee in-charge responsible for implementing the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanying the person with symptoms to the isolation space, providing the necessary assistance and contacting the national health service).

Deep cleaning and disinfection (decontamination) of the “isolation” area will be carried out, after the advised quarantine period, following up the sick/suspected case leaving the area.

The waste produced by the person infected will be stored in a plastic bag which after being closed with drawstrings will be separated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital biohazardous waste.

The uniform of the cleaning team professionals will not be taken to wash at home, it will be washed in a machine in a professional laundry room at high temperatures, in a designated washing machine. Disposable PPE will be considered biological waste / undifferentiated waste, never going to recycled waste. 

For any questions or concerns not addressed in this document, or if you wish to access the full Contingency Plan documentation, please feel free to contact us.

This is just a summary of some of the measures implemented and reinforced in our hotel to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of our guests, clients, employees, suppliers and partners. 


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