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BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION is created by siblings Patrícia de Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa and is now the name behind many successful hospitality projects, restaurants and fashion stores.
“– Our spaces and concepts are simply an answer to the way we wish people to feel, experience and live things when they visit, eat, and stay with us. When people choose us, they do not choose a hotel / a café / a restaurant / a shop per se, they choose a community.”

Patrícia de Sousa
Co-founder and co-creator of BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION


Many of our projects including our ROSA ET AL Townhouse were considered ahead of their time. In the beginning, people doubted our vision, but now we are proud to be the trailblazers of a movement that brought life back to abandoned city corners and grew the community.

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EARLY Cedofeita, 2018
EARLY Cedofeita, founded and imagined by Patrícia de Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa, is the latest to join the BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION.
The specialty coffee shop and eatery located in located at Rua dos Bragas, 374 is designed by Emanuel de Sousa. Emanuel rehabilitated the old bookstore CONTRASTE and infused the old retro mahogany interiors with a collection of mix match vintage and new design pieces to create a contemporary world-class welcoming space form sunrise to sunset.
EARLY Cedofeita is imagined on the premises of creating unique spaces for people to enjoy amazing coffee and food. It is now the most visible statement of a collection of talented artisans making food from scratch, by hand, with a focus on the Atlantic Diet, characteristic of the northern region of Portugal. The organic ingredients and locally sourced products are served to you by the friendliest and most knowledgeable people around. EARLY motto and mission: to bring to the table the best ingredients, every season and let them speak for themselves from early-breakfast to lunch, from brunch to dinner.
A specialty coffee shop and all-day season and slow food restaurant since 2018
Rua dos Bragas 374, 4050-122 Porto


Founded and curated by Patrícia de Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa, EARLYMADE is an eponymous fashion and lifestyle label, a concept store and an art platform located at Rua do Rosário, 235.
The cutting-edge space designed by Emanuel de Sousa himself combines a multi-brand concept store, art residency and exhibition spaces right in the epicenter of the Bombarda Art District.
The concept store houses and offers an array of high-quality items from fashion to furniture, from books and magazines to stationery, most of which are made in Portugal. The underlying criteria orienting the curatorial project, namely in terms of labels and collections selection, would be a search for exclusivity, but also the strong contemporary and unique signature styles, the rework of tradition as an ethos, the attention to details, and ultimately, the close relation of these brands and products with Portugal, namely using Portuguese materials, know-how and/or local production in most cases.
The multi-functional space in Cedofeita also offers exhibitions spaces along with two working studios for Artist Residencies, a 35 m2– 377 sqft whitebox studio, flooded with natural light, overlooking the garden and, a 100 ,m2– 1076 sqft blackbox studio, in the lower floor. EARLYMADE offers an Artist-in-Residency Programme.

Visit EARLYMADE online store.
A multi brand concept store and art gallery since 2016

Rua do Rosário 235, 4050-524 Porto


ROSA ET AL Townhouse, 2012
ROSA ET AL Townhouse is founded and imagined by the two maverick siblings behind the BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION brand – Patrícia de Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa.
The townhouse is located in the most trendy neighborhood in Porto, Cedofeita. Imagined on the premises of creating unique spaces for people to enjoy an exclusive stay around the globe while enjoying amazing coffee and food.

Learn more about the ROSA ET AL Townhouse here.
An award-winning Bed & Breakfast since 2012

Visit ROSA ET AL Townhouse.
Rua do Rosário 235, 4050-524 Porto


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