Never overdone, we strip out any unnecessary nonsense and focus on everything that matters to you. We want to give you only the best and that is exactly what you will find in our suites. All seven were designed by co-owner and architect Emanuel de Sousa with the help of his sister and also co-owner Patrícia Sousa. Both have chosen a collection of vintage and retro collectibles as well as some stylish modern pieces.
ROSA ET AL Townhouse makes life's choices simple.
Three suite types offered, all with the feel of a contemporary home within an ancient townhouse in the center of Porto, with wooden floors, warm lighting, luxurious natural materials, soaking clawfoot tubs and balconies with garden views and across the city's quarters or over Rua do Rosário. The suites also have original apparent wooden ceiling structures as well as original decorative plasterwork ceilings, including contemporary permanent art commissions.
Every little detail was planned and carefully thought so that you may feel special and unique. From our comfy mattresses and king size beds to our smooth 100 percent cotton sheets, sleep will never be so peaceful. In each suite, there is air conditioning, free WiFi, hairdryer, radio and iPod dock, safety box and a curated minibar with housemade gourmet products and a selection of classics drinks. Furthermore, all suites have exclusive Castelbel Porto amenities.

read the interview with Emanuel de Sousa, townhouse architect

architect and co-owner
When Emanuel was growing up, everyone was convinced he would become an artist of some kind – perhaps a painter, a sculptor or both. Though his parents always supported his creative endeavours, the thought of their son pursuing the highly competitive and unstable path of an artist was a scary one. Suffice it to say, they felt a weight lift off their shoulders when Emanuel eventually decided to follow a career in architecture instead. 
Tell us a little about the suites at the hotel please.
Which is the most popular suite?
EMANUEL — There’s definitely a favourite among the press, critics and every other guests who visit us. And that suite is the Suite Club aka the Viajante suite — the Portuguese word for ‘traveller’ — as the press, I think it was Sancha Trindade, back in 2012, who first re-christianed the suite for its peculiar and welcoming atmosphere. It is a lofty and charming third-floor attic space overlooking Porto's quirky roofscape from a open-space combined bedroom and bathroom. It looks as if it could be from the beginning of last century in Paris or the mid-’20s in New York with the beginning of the century iconic travelling trunks. It makes an profound impression on first comers, and it is always the most photographed and published one as it actually becomes a sort of a statement, a stament of the townhouse as an hotelier experience.
How would you describe ROSA ET AL Townhouse’s suites?
EMANUEL — A delicate balance of sophisticated warmth. The material selection for the rooms was based on its durability, maintenance and appeal. The result is a delicate balance of sophisticated warmth. The seven suites are unique and special. Space is used efficiently in each suite – the result is a visually clear space that feels luxuriously large and can be efficiently serviced. Beyond the Viajante lofty suite, all suites have separate ensuite bathrooms that offer all the amenities, and large bedrooms and living spaces. Three of them — the King Suites — are towards the back overlooking the long garden with balconies from which you can watch the sunsets. We tried to take in the character of each room and furnish it accordingly. 
For people visiting the hotel for the first time,
what suites do you recommend?
EMANUEL — Each suite has bits and pieces that make it special. They are all singular experiences and we must come back to ROSA ET AL Townhouse to experience the different atmospheres in each of the suites throughout the seasons. The balcony overlooking the garden on the third floor at sunset, the open bathroom of the second floor back, the traveling trunk of the Viajant suite, the decorative ceilings and the original Riga floor on the first floor Queen Suite with its natural feeling, the bathroom and private patio of the new Garden Pavilion with its exterior rainforest shower after a revitalizing massage in the midst of nature, warmed by the open fire. These are just some of the things you will never forget in some of the suites.  
What is Emanuel's favorite suite?
EMANUEL — Humm... Maybe our most recent addition to the townhouse, the seventh suite, the lucky number, as they say [ laughs ] I think the great majority of past and, actually, forthcoming guests wil be forsaking me at this exact second for not favouring the old charming nineteenth-century townhouse suites, but, you know... architects, artists and so on... we always tend to favour the latest work  [ laughs ]  Yes, it might be the so named Garden Pavilion, at the end of the garden. It is a reinvention of the traditional garden pavilion. An historiographic syntesis of the historic architectural type,if you might say so. The traditional garden pavilion usually referred to these free-standing structures sited a short distance from the main residence whose architecture historically made it an object of pleasure and relaxation. And that's what it is: pleasure and relaxation.

A stone's throw away from the main building, it is a refuge within the refuge that the townhouse already is to the city. The townhouse itself is a nineteenth-century stone and wood construction, a bold ominpresent edifice facing this graceful and low profile new steel-frame structure, a lighter more modern and abstract structure, which reflecting facade give us back the garden and the original townhouse.

Behind this mirror facade — a sort of contemporary version of Alice in the Wonderland — a modern space is hidden, with abstract planes of white hues and natural wood and a private patio surrounded with aromas and nature. Without being overly present, it is in fact a fully accessible suite with all contemporary commodities and facilities for everyone, making it very inclusive in itself. With a direct connection to a private patio and to the townhouse garden, the greenery, and our aromatic herbs, plants and flowers, it is surrounded by, what we usually name, 'natural luxury'. It is a calming and relaxing space of light and natural materials, wood flooring and earthy colors. A zen space in the city.

Emanuel de Sousa was interviewed on JULY 2019
Find out more about Emanuel de Sousa architectural practice and hotelier life here.

Every day (including bank holidays)
10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Every day (including bank holidays)
3.00 pm – 5.00 pm

First Sunday of the Month
12.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Food unites us all. Food around a table definitely encompasses our daily lives. And definitely, food is close to our heart at the Townhouse. To eat is to commune with each other around a table. An act of love. From those who prepare with love for those who feed on that love every day.
Enjoy a lovely breakfast, brunch, lunch, a 5 o'clock tea, a tasting dinner, a private party, or a cooking class at our townhouse or even just wait at home, we will come to you and cater your family gathering.



PRIVATE EVENTS (Parties, Weddings…)
In our townhouse, service is impeccably professional but never intrusive. Stepping off Rosario Street, in the Bombarda neighborhood and slipping through an unassuming entrance, our guests are met with welcoming smiles from us. At breakfast, tea, brunch or dinner, you will never be disappointed.

Breakfast, brunch and all things in between are served from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm in the ground-floor room or in the garden (weather permitting). Enjoy it the most because our homemade yogurts, muesli, scones, jam and bread are amazing.
During the afternoon, you can have some cake and tea in the garden. Before going out for dinner around town, why not sip a glass of Portuguese wine or a cocktail in our garden? Even better! Why not take part in our dining experiences at Townhouse? Our chefs will be delighted to create a special and unique menu for you and your guests.

The menu emphasizes vibrant fresh vegetables and local herbs, meticulously prepared to preserve individual flavors, making for a rare culinary experience. We described it as a refined symbiosis between gourmet and local. It is honest food.

read more about our gastronomy

Homemade, local and sustainable are not just words for us. They are our way of life
Fresh seasonal vegetables are brought from local and organic markets and suppliers every other day to the townhouse. This allows us to put on your table the best ingredients and produce of the season and let them speak for themselves. With the naked eye, it is not always easy to tell whether a product comes from a store or from a nearby producer, but one bite changes everything. Down a cup of hot coffee from our local supplier or a bowl of natural yoghurt with granola made by our townhouse kitchen with organic ingredients and your senses will be awakened.

At ROSA ET AL Townhouse we are proud to say that we buy locally or we produce in our kitchen most things we serve at breakfast, tea, brunch and dinner. Yes, it would be easier and cheaper to get them commercially, but that is not our concern. Sustainability and good farming and producing practices are crucial for us. Not all sustainability efforts are noticeable at first glance, but settle in for a stay and very soon it all begins to unfold itself – quite naturally! We visit Porto’s organic markets every weekend and buy fresh vegetables and fruit. The flour used to bake the yummy scones and the delicious bread is organic and Portuguese. We work with some of the best organic suppliers and traditional producers. Every week we receive a basket full of organic vegetables and fruits which are used to make our soups, fresh salads, jams and chutneys, fruit juices and ice creams. Homemade, organic and local are not just words for us. They are our way of life, the one we have chosen for us and for our hotel.
Protecting traditions and old methods
Focused on the Atlantic Diet, characteristic of the region around Porto and the northern part of Portugal and Spain, our cuisine safeguard traditions, recuperating techniques but constructing long-lasting relations with local producers to help maintain local traditions alive. Old methods are inspected daily and re-introduced in our kitchen as a form of recuperating also flavors, textures and experiences that would be lost otherwise.
Our townhouse might be the place where you meet someone for a cuppa of coffee over breakfast and end up marrying here, among family and friends. Thinking about a party, wedding or corporate event, contact us to know more about our group menus and afternoon tea set menu for groups of over 6 people. Organizing an event elsewhere, we can help you make the most of your event with no fuss, just contact us to order the full menu, cakes, mini sandwiches and so on.



From aromatherapy, rose baths to yoga or deep tissue bamboo massage, it is time to indulge your body and soul.
You can enjoy our tailor-made healing packs where you can receive many treatments and experiences for 24h, 48h or 72h experiences at the calm, comfort and privacy of your own suite. We also have a nutrition-oriented meal plan and exercise guide based on your needs and preferences.
Session time includes a five-minute initial consultation and undressing and always concludes with five-minutes for redressing and further therapeutic recommendations for the future by your dedicated therapist.
If you need to unwind after a day of meetings, sight-seeing, a long flight or a road trip. Or if you simply want to jump-start your vacation. Our highly skilled professional therapists can banish stress and tension to help you indulge in the health and wellness you need by using wild-crafted, natural and organic ingredients, all devoted to your skin and senses and to working in harmony with the environment. Please call or email us for detailed information, tailor-made treatments, availability, bookings and the full price list.

read the interview with Patrícia e Emanuel de Sousa

Which is the best way of seeing Porto?
EMANUEL — For the ones who love walking, it is the perfect scenery. Leaving ROSA ET AL, 15 minutes are enough to get to the old part of the city. From Carmo Church, just ahead Carlos Alberto Square, you can already take a glimpse of Clérigos Tower and the Portuguese Photography Center. We walk a few more meters and there you are at the front door of the world-famous Lello Bookshop. The popular Paris Galleries are just next door. Step by step, slowly, hidden corners, curious details, art and architecture. Lost yourself? Ask any local and you will be welcome with a big smile.

PATRÍCIA — For those who prefer biking, the solution is quite simples. Rent ROSA ET AL’ s bikes and seek out. A secret? Go down Flores Street (peek Mercearia das Flores), than pass by Palácio da Bolsa (do not hesitate and go in) and finally go on to the waterfront. Porto’ s river side since Ribeira until the City Park deserves your full attention. 
What about who arrives with limited time? 
 EMANUEL —  The hop on hop off buses are their best allies. One ticket, one tour, 34 stops (monuments, viewpoints, pars, beaches, and waterfront areas) spread out across Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia. Stop and get out seeing them, coming back whenever you want and keep on your adventure.
In a city where both the river and the sea are a constant presence, the boat is for sure a good option.
For whom? 
PATRÍCIA — For everyone that is looking for the perfect view, Douro River shows to be solidary and shares with you the impressive and gracious image of Porto. A live painting that may be admired while sailing on a 6 bridges cruise. For the most ambitious, go up the river by boat and explore the beautiful landscapes it is an opportunity you cannot afford missing.

EMANUAL — There is no right or wrong choices. Each one discovers Porto at his own rhythm...For granted just that no one will remain indifferent to the surrounding landscape, the monuments and the people with whom and which they came across.
The hotel’s ground floor is the vibrant heart of ROSA ET AL Townhouse and opens up to the neighborhood quartier, pulsing with creative stores and guests day and night. The glorious mix of vintage and contemporary design of the townhouse embodies the spirit of collaboration that underlines the hotel.
The ground floor space is divided into a reception desk/concept store and bar/restaurant. ROSA ET AL Townhouse’s luminous and airy front desk leads into the cozy and comfortable brunch/dining room and the backyard's aromatic garden, each with its own special details. Some suites and common spaces are hung with original art pieces by Portuguese artists.
ROSA’s restaurant is a charming mix of vintage and retro elements, such as the lighting, chairs, tables… The centerpiece of the space is a big table full of teapots that is made with an original front door. So simple and yet so elegant. Another table can be admired in the reception.

read the interview with Emanuel de Sousa, townhouse architect

architect and co-owner
Emanuel is an architect graduated from Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto with further education at Technische Universiteit Delft and Berlage Institute Rotterdam. He concluded his PhD at Architectural Association London. He is a registered architect who has previously worked at Steven Ehrlich Architects in Los Angeles, Peter Eisenman Architects in New York and with José Manuel Carvalho Araújo in Portugal.
Tell us a little about the history of the building before it became ROSA ET AL Townhouse?
EMANUEL – The building is located between the old and the newer part of the city. It’s a 19th-century wooden structure townhouse in a traditional narrow and long lot. It served as storage and office for the Portuguese publisher CIVILIZAÇÃO until the mid-’90s and then it was derelict for almost 15 years. But more than a hundred years of history — the built plot was already represented in early 1800’s city plans — hides many stories still to be discovered among older neighbors and the unofficial history of the city of Porto.
The building was really run-down before we turned it into a small boutique hotel. Water was getting inside, so part of the wood was not in a good state. There were only rooms filled with empty shelves. We renovated it to stabilize the structure, got rid of everything that wasn’t original to the building and brought back the traditional elements, and finally added a mix of contemporary furnishings and objects, which brought it back to life. In the end, we found the beautiful vintage street sign by CIVILIZAÇÃO publisher that we salvaged and it is now proudly in display in our brunch room.
Can you talk about your initial plans?
EMANUEL – The main thing was to 'clean' the building to its original charm and beauty. Restoring the proportions and spatial features of the original building, demolishing all other not original interventions made in the meantime. As it was in a rather ruinous state, some of the decorated ceilings could not be saved (with exception of the first-floor suite, which maintained the original Riga wood board flooring and the decorative ceiling with natural features), but we tried to save as much as possible of the original atmosphere, including the amazing central skylight that crowns the original staircase. Although simplified and redone, the atmosphere recalls the era, light, clean, classic. This process of 'cleaning' was complemented by another process of transforming this nineteenth-century townhouse into a contemporary hospitality structure with all the commodities that our present life demands, all done without interfering with the atmosphere and the illusion of going back in time.
What was the true concept behind all this?
EMANUEL – More than preservation or conservation, the project at ROSA ET AL Townhouse was about discovering the contemporaneity of the original structure. We decided that we would not mimic and reproduce every single feature to its original state, but give notice of the aging process of the structure itself, without losing its locus, its soul, its coherence.
How elaborated was the decoration project?
EMANUEL – Part of the furniture was acquired during the refurbishment of the building when the works in the main building were underway but there are also pieces collected in our trips through Europe in recent years. Some pieces came from London, where Patrícia and myself were living at the time of the refurbishment. We love vintage furniture, especially 12th-century pieces, good design and good construction. We thought the furniture would make a nice 'bridge' between the nineteenth-century structure and the contemporary living that we would like to create with this hospitality project. From then on, we just curated the furniture collection to give life to these spaces recounting the history of design throughout the 12th-century, with well-known and iconic pieces but also with others that were just too good of a design to be forgotten, namely mid-century Portuguese pieces.
What is your favorite place in ROSA?
EMANUEL – A cup of tea or a glass of wine in ROSA ET AL’s garden can be an amazing relaxing experience. Our Townhouse is a haven of traditional comfort, good food and good taste, but it’s outside that you will want to be in a spring afternoon, a summer morning or even an autumn warm and sunny day. It’s not so much the size (let’s be honest it is small) of our garden as the fact that it exists at all: an expected private space in the hotel backyard, in the center of Porto. Side by side a magnificent kitchen garden, an essential piece to creating our seasonal menus, a flowered garden (house of our bird community) and an aromatic plant garden that produces some of the best herbal teas on our menu. All of them share the same space with some young fruit trees that are growing up at the same time that ROSA ET AL is. Those who visit us leave delighted by the beauty of our small but sensational garden. Especially the ones who stay in one of the 3 KING GRAND DELUXE SUITES, all with a garden view. Of course, the luckiest ones are the guests of ROSA ET AL Garden Pavilion. The seventh suite is a luxurious experience that you will not forget.

Emanuel de Sousa was interviewed on JULY 2019
Find out more about Emanuel de Sousa architectural practice and hotelier life here.

In The Townhouse Kitchen – The Daily Brunch, brothers and townhouse founders, Emanuel and Patrícia offer a series of recipes, tips and personal insight aimed at helping readers create delicious recipes, prepared with love and an eye for beauty.
Each chapter features an interview from people, hand-picked by Patrícia and Emanuel, who represent the special culinary ideals of ROSA ET AL Townhouse and who have a close relationship with it.
The Townhouse Kitchen The Daily Brunch
Patrícia Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa
Photographed by Daniel Zachrisson
Published by New Heroes & Pioneers
The renowned hotelier project in Porto, Portugal, ROSA ET AL Townhouse, by Bed & Brunch Collection, launches its first book, a personal cookbook and lifestyle précis, created and devised by the two founding siblings, PATRÍCIA SOUSA and EMANUEL DE SOUSA.

Filled with charming stories about the townhouse life and a mouthwatering collection of easy-step and fully illustrated recipes designed to cater for all your weekend (and your weekdays) meals throughout the year.
This book will put on your table the best of every season. From easy-peasy suppers to elegant tasting dinners, delicious packed and ready-to-go lunches with last night leftovers to satisfying brunches made from scratch when you wake up.

From energizing breakfasts and daylong snacks to satisfying breads, desserts and baked goods, Emanuel and Patrícia will take you over all the steps on how to rework classics, prepare ahead and be at ease in your own kitchen.
210X300 mm – 8X12 in
1.5 kg – 2.6 lbs
Photographed by DANIEL ZACHRISSONand published by the NEW HEROES & PIONEERS, based in Malmo, Sweden, the townhouse book presents in a new light the kind of ingredients we are most likely to find in our cupboard and fridge - or be able to pick up on the way home from work - and provides recipes that will become your friends for life, creates delicious, simple dishes, which are both satisfying and healthy.
Complemented by personal memories and travel tips for each meal and event, Emanuel and Patrícia will inspire you to re-create the magic of a long weekend in the comfort of your own home. It includes plenty of practical tips and down-to-earth advice to help you gain confidence in the kitchen, plan for the coming week and cook for you and your family with ease.
The Townhouse Kitchen – The Daily Brunch celebrates the pleasure of delicious food that is simple to make, a joy to share and just so happens to be good!


Books can be shipped to the costumer's address (+ shipping costs). For Porto residents, books can be picked up at ROSA ET AL Townhouse, at EARLYMADE Cedofeita or at EARLY Cedofeita.
Located in Rua do Rosário, 233 – in the most trendy artsy neighborhood in Porto, Cedofeita, and surrounded by art galleries, artist's studios and concept stores – ROSA ET AL Townhouse is made by travelers, for travelers.
ROSA ET AL Townhouse
Bed and Brunch Collection

Rua do Rosário, 233
4050-524 Porto


If you would like us to arrange a door-to-door private transfer, either airport, train station or elsewhere, please contact us and forward us the date of your arrival and the full inbound and/or outbound information.


From the airport, take the bus 601 towards Cordoaria (last stop). Passing the university and Praça de Gomes Teixeira you will find Carlos Alberto Square. Go towards Rua de Cedofeita and take second left to Rua de Miguel Bombarda. Then turn right at Rua do Rosário.


From the airport, take the metro and get out at Trindade Station. Enter to Rua dos Heróis e Mártires d'Angola. Then turn right to Rua Dr. Ricardo Jorge and go straight till Rua de Cedofeita. Arriving at the pedestrian Street, take right and first left to Rua de Miguel Bombarda. Then turn right at Rua do Rosário.


From Campanhã station, Take the train to São Bento. Getting out, cross the street and turn right to Aliados (city centre). Take left at Rua Dr Artur de Magalhães and go straight untill Praça Carlos Alberto. Entering Rua de Cedofeita, take second left to Rua de Miguel Bombarda. Then turn right at Rua do Rosário.


From the airport, get on VRI in Custóias. Head south on VRI and take A4, then take A28 until you get to Avenida de Sidónio Pais. Keep going then turn slightly right to take Rua de 5 de Outubro. When you get to Boavista roundabout, take Avenida da Boavista (fifth exist, Casa da Música will be on your right). Take the first right Rua de Ricardo Severo. Take the first left to Largo do Priorado and keep going until you reach Rua de Aníbal Cunha taking a right turn there. Keep going, it will eventually change into Rua da Maternidade. Take a right at Rua de Adolfo Casais Monteiro. Take the second left into Rua Miguel Bombarda, then the first left to Rua do Rosário. Drive a bit forward until the hotel is on your left side (door number 233).


You can use ROSA ET AL Townhouse private parking. It is subject to availability and an additional charge.

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