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In The Townhouse Kitchen – The Daily Brunch, brothers and townhouse founders, Emanuel and Patrícia offer a series of recipes, tips and personal insight aimed at helping readers create delicious recipes, prepared with love and an eye for beauty.
Each chapter features an interview from people, hand-picked by Patrícia and Emanuel, who represent the special culinary ideals of ROSA ET AL Townhouse and who have a close relationship with it.
The Townhouse Kitchen The Daily Brunch
Patrícia Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa
Photographed by Daniel Zachrisson
Published by New Heroes & Pioneers
The renowned hotelier project in Porto, Portugal, ROSA ET AL Townhouse, by Bed & Brunch Collection, launches its first book, a personal cookbook and lifestyle précis, created and devised by the two founding siblings, PATRÍCIA SOUSA and EMANUEL DE SOUSA.

Filled with charming stories about the townhouse life and a mouthwatering collection of easy-step and fully illustrated recipes designed to cater for all your weekend (and your weekdays) meals throughout the year.
This book will put on your table the best of every season. From easy-peasy suppers to elegant tasting dinners, delicious packed and ready-to-go lunches with last night leftovers to satisfying brunches made from scratch when you wake up.

From energizing breakfasts and daylong snacks to satisfying breads, desserts and baked goods, Emanuel and Patrícia will take you over all the steps on how to rework classics, prepare ahead and be at ease in your own kitchen.
210X300 mm – 8X12 in
1.5 kg – 2.6 lbs
Photographed by DANIEL ZACHRISSONand published by the NEW HEROES & PIONEERS, based in Malmo, Sweden, the townhouse book presents in a new light the kind of ingredients we are most likely to find in our cupboard and fridge - or be able to pick up on the way home from work - and provides recipes that will become your friends for life, creates delicious, simple dishes, which are both satisfying and healthy.
Complemented by personal memories and travel tips for each meal and event, Emanuel and Patrícia will inspire you to re-create the magic of a long weekend in the comfort of your own home. It includes plenty of practical tips and down-to-earth advice to help you gain confidence in the kitchen, plan for the coming week and cook for you and your family with ease.
The Townhouse Kitchen – The Daily Brunch celebrates the pleasure of delicious food that is simple to make, a joy to share and just so happens to be good!


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