Unique and worldwide famous, Porto wine is produced exclusively in the Douro Demarcated Wine Region, the oldest one in the world, and aged in the cellars. In times past, it was transported through the Douro River, on the Rabelo boats, from the wine region until the river mouth, between Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto. Nowadays you can see the boats replicate by D. Luís I bridge.  

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For those who do not know Porto wine, can you explain, in simple way, what makes it so special? 
PATRÍCIA Porto wine stands out from ordinary wines due its own particular characteristics: wide range of types, aroma’ s richness and intensity, high persistence of the color and aroma. Besides these, it presents a high alcoholic level, between 19% and 22% volume. 
What do you suggest to who wants to learn more about it?  
EMANUEL: It does not matter if you are an expert, a first timer or just a curious; a visit to Porto Wine Cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia is an excellent opportunity to find out more about the origins and the characteristics that make this wine such unique nectar from the gods. It is an occasion to learn from who knows about this subject.


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