A traditional as well as a modern Porto is expecting you. Local and national products side by side with design and signed pieces. The knowledge of ancients goes hand with hand with the creativity of the youngest. Both share the accuracy of those who create.  

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Where should shopping lovers go? 
EMANUEL For those looking for tradition, Porto’ s downtown opens the doors to refined taste and personalized service. The gourmet proposals, the used bookstores and small antique shops cannot go unnoticed to who is walking around. Those who go inside, hardly say no to buy something. It is here that you can find some of the busiest traditional shopping streets, like Cedofeita Street and Clérigos area. 
PATRÍCIA The already famous Bombarda district with its simultaneous openings has won an important place on the art scene of the city. Art and illustration galleries, national design, singular and unique pieces. A showroom of the best made in Portugal. Do visit Cru or Scar –Id, our neighbors in Rosário Street, or pass by The Feeting Room, in Lóios Square, and you will understand much better what we are talking about.  
What about big international brands? 
EMANUEL Of course that they are also present in Porto. It’ s on Boavista Avenue and in Foz that you can find the renowned international names that did not want to leave Porto outside of their plans. At the moment the city is full of dynamic and energy...  
PATRÍCIA It’ s a Porto in constant motion the one that everyone feels and sees when they wander by the streets. Lóios Square, Almada Street, Clérigos, Flores Street, Infant D. Henrique Street... All of them are mandatory stopping points to those who want to take with them a flavor, a smell, a treat made in Portugal. New things happen on a daily rhythm. There is always something new to (re)discover. 


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