Porto’ s flavors and aromas illustrate very well the diversity and dynamic of the city. From the most traditional courses that remind us of our childhood and our grammas kitchen, to the creative and even irreverent touch of younger chefs. To get to know Porto at the table is without any doubt one tasty and delicious way of understanding a little better the people and the traditions of the city. To seat down at the table and enjoy yourself with the gastronomy and the cuisine of Invicta and the North of Portugal is mandatory for those who arrive. It is the art of petiscar (taking a snack) and the excellence of service.

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Portuguese cuisine is very traditional.
Which are the most well known courses that deserve to be taste by those who visit Porto?
PATRÍCIA The most daring ones must eat the famous Tripas à Moda do Porto, which is basically a stew made with trips. This is the city most popular recipe and is also responsible for nickname of the locals: ‘ tripeiros’ , the ones who eat trips. Legend says that in the XV century, when the Infant D. Henrique led the military expedition that embarked on a journey to conquer Ceuta, people from Oporto hand all their meat to supply the troupes and only kept the trips. A very noble gesture that woke up the locals’ creativity. Without any meat, they endedup cooking the trips in a stew. And so what was to become the iconic plate of the city was born. 
EMANUEL To the most conservative ones Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (cod cooked Gomes de Sá way) is mandatory. A cod trader, the gastronome José Luís Gomes de Sá Júnior, is the creator of this recipe, one of the most popular and tastiest ways of cooking cod. Cut into thin slices that are soaked in milk to become smoother, the cod is then cooked with olive oil, garlic and onion. When it’ s done, mixed it with previously boiled potatoes cut into squares and then served it with boiled eggs cut into pieces, parsley and olives a side. 
And the famous ‘francesinha’ (little French girl)?  
PATRÍCIA It is the most famous Portuguese sandwich. The traditional meat and sausages sandwich, covered with cheese that is latter melted on the oven and garnished with a very spicy sauce, is one of symbols of Porto’ s cuisine. Once again, legend says that it was named by Daniel da Silva, in 1953, to honor the spiciest woman he knew: the French woman. 
Any other recommendation? 
EMANUEL A nice pork steak grilled and served with bread and mustard. Do not complicate it. Enjoy this simple but delicious Portuguese ‘petisco’ available in any treats place in Porto. To drink along we suggest a Sovina beer or a glass of ‘ vinho verde’, a young and fresh wine. 


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