• Roast
Any Sunday is a perfect opportunity to bring together family, friends, and strangers around tables of fabulous food in the ROSA ET AL Townhouse.
1800 pax
Imagine a delicious lunch where you can enjoy the design and flavors of Portuguese cuisine like never before, one that will tantalize your eyes, as well as your taste buds. Can you picture it? A perfectly set table in the garden surrounded by aromatic herbs that invite you to strike up a conversation with new friends from around the world. Food so beautifully presented that you cannot help but pause for a moment to catch your breath and photograph it for the future.
Flavors so familiar, yet daring and adventurous enough to make you sigh with happiness and delight. Join us in the Bombarda Art District where locally-sourced ingredients will rendezvous with the Mediterranean and coloniais flavors, for a Sunday lazy brunch-cum-lunch you will not forget.
Patricia and Emanuel De Sousa offer a series of recipes, tips and personal insight aimed at giving people a sense of what we are all about at ROSA ET AL Townhouse – which includes everything from Portuguese Mediterranean culinary traditions to contemporary cuisine.


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