Before ROSA ET AL Townhouse opened its doors in 2012, we knew we wanted to create something meaningful, something that reflects who we are as people, what we love and what we care about.
That is why we created green policies to protect our precious environment. Our green policies benefit extends further to help our local community thrive and it takes in consideration the health and well-being of our staff and our guests. We also implemented good practices to fulfill our social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Since the first days of remodeling of the 19th-century townhouse, we knew we wanted to nurse it back to life, preserving the history and the treasure that was within.
And what better way to do that than to use sustainable natural materials and reuse what was already there. Our care for our community and the environment led us (unintentionally) to create several green policies which we are always seeking to further improve.
“– At ROSA ET AL Townhouse we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations.

We recognize the impact of our operations on the environment and aim to be an increasingly efficient, green and environmental hotel. By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention.”



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The 19th-century townhouse was rebuilt to be as energy-efficient as possible. The roof is a double-layer insulated roof. The main and joined walls are all thermally insulated. The windows are double-glazed with the original wood structure lift for better heat rupture. The Garden Pavilion suite which was the new addition was constructed all in metal. We use an energy meter to keep track of our consumption and areas where we can improve. The majority of our electricity comes from renewable sources: 25% comes from hydraulic energy and 17% comes from wind energy. We always choose energy-efficient appliances and electronics (A+ energy grade or above). All our lights are LED.
To save water, we use a water meter to keep an eye on consumption and if there is a leak. Our aromatic garden is watered with rainwater stored in the ancient well of the property, reducing the use of the local water supply system. To further protect our water, we do not use toxic cleaning products or harsh chemicals.

When the townhouse was remodeled, we aimed to reuse and repurposed as many things as possible. The original wood structure and the wood flooring of the house were kept. Things like tiles, old doors, signs were reused and you can see them adding character to our townhouse today. The majority of our furniture is restored vintage.
In order to keep our guests happy, we provide the best quality materials without sacrificing our ecological standards. The sheets and towels we use at ROSA ET AL Townhouse suites are made out of natural 100% cotton. To make sure clients are serene, we do not have TVs in their suites. All suites in the townhouse have thermostatic control which saves energy and makes clients comfortable. Most of the furniture in the suites is restored vintage. In the suites, we leave reminders for our guests to use towels sparingly. The change of linens is reduced to a minimum in direct articulation and communication with the guest specific needs and desires. This reduces the daily impact of hotel laundry on the environment.
Our toilet paper is recycled from RENOVA’s eco-friendly-range. The rolls are made of fibers from a previous life. They have no dyes and they are chlorine-free and fragrance-free. The range has the Euro Eco-Label and is FSC ® Certified. We have our information such as directory and menus in digital format to send to our guests instead of using additional paper. And to make sure the air quality remains high in our townhouse, we have a no-smoking policy in all of our suites and our indoor areas.
If you have ever eaten at ROSA ET AL Townhouse or in our restaurant Early Cedofeita, you know the importance we give to seasonal and local ingredients. Sharing nature’s seasonal food is not only good for our environment, but it is good for our health too. We are proud to say that we buy locally or we produce in most things we serve. This not only reduces our food miles, but it also favores local businesses over large corporations that oftentimes cause devastating impact for the land and wildlife.

It would be easier and cheaper to get them commercially, but that is not our concern. Sustainability and good farming and producing practices are more crucial for us. We visit Porto’s organic markets every weekend and buy fresh vegetables and seasonable fruit. We work with some of the best organic suppliers and traditional producers. Every week we receive a basket full of organic vegetables and fruits. Our partners and producers are people that are ethically aligned with our values.

We work with local small-scale producers to provide our guests with the greatest quality, to help our community grow and to protect our environment by avoiding long-distance shipping. For our fruits and vegetables, we choose small producers that use organic means to grow their food. Our seeds, flour and grains are all organic and we always buy certified organic when possible. We select food from sustainable fishing and farming sources. Our coffee is provided and roasted by a start-up specialty coffee roaster in Porto. They are ethically-sourced single-origin beans that come from small farms in Latin America and in Africa.

Some of our fruits, vegetables, herbs and aromatic tea come straight from our lovely garden. Products arrive in reusable containers and crates. Besides that, we are always working with suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging and use eco-friendly packaging. We do not sell plastic bottles at ROSA ET AL Townhouse, we use our GROHE BLUE filter for natural or sparkling water and we make our own natural juices. In the bar, we carry bottled water, tonics and juices in glass containers.
Our takeaway packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable. Our meal containers are made of plant-based materials. They are biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN13432 and they are Ok Compost-certified. For drinks and salads, we use cardboard cups with recyclable polystyrene lids. For small sauce containers, we use sugar cane bio packaging. For our takeaway utensils, we use 100% natural biodegradable and recyclable bamboo.  No food goes to waste in our ROSA ET AL Townhouse.

We believe in maximizing our resources to minimize our waste. This is not only one of our most important policies, but it is also a part of our lifestyle. All organic material including our coffee grounds gets picked up by a municipal service to be converted into farming soil.

Cooking fresh and not in bulk also helps reduce waste. We do not deep fry any food, which leaves us with no fat waste. Making homemade foods including our yogurts, butter, jams and bakery goods eliminates unnecessary waste, packaging and transportation.

Our recycling policy is strict and it is articulated with the local municipal services. We recycle glass, paper and any packaging we use such as milk containers. Glass jars are reused to make our home-made yogurts and jams. We use energy-efficient appliances including a dishwasher which reduced our water consumption by 30%. We do not use gas stoves in the kitchen.
Through training, our team follows our green policies and environmental protection practices. They are always searching for ways to improve their environmental roles and responsibilities. This includes using less paper by taking orders digitally and communicating via email. If any paper is used, it must be recycled. Other materials such as light bulbs and batteries go into the appropriate recycling bins. And to minimize our carbon footprint, electronics including the coffee machine, air-conditioners and lights are to be switched off when not in use.
When devices are charged, they do not remain plugged into the energy source. To avoid water waste, our employees are trained to pay close attention to any leakage in the townhouse as part of their daily routine. When leaks are suspected, our plumber is called immediately to investigate. Our open-door policy allows the staff to participate in our environmental efforts if they find ways where improvements can be made.

We created sustainable business practices to fulfill the social, economic and environmental requirements of present and future generations.
Without a doubt, sustainability is a priority in every aspect of our company’s operations.
"– Our vision is to create authentic, unique places and concepts, trying to bring value to the city, creating experiences for or guests and the larger community, to make the world a better place. We want to improve the life of guests and staff. Support a glocal community and promote common humanity.”



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We wanted to be an inclusive hotel and welcome everyone to our townhouse, that's why our seventh suite (Garden Pavilion) was built to be fully accessible. Accessibility in tourism is not only necessary for people with disabilities but also for the elderly, for families with young children, for people with temporary or chronic diseases, among others. The suite has great circulation space for a wheelchair user and is designed to facilitate use by older or anyone with reduced mobility. The walking double shower and the toilet both have grab rails. There are also lower shelves and tables to facilitate access. Our staff is also trained to give guests with reduced mobility information about monuments they can visit, transportation and any information that helps them enjoy their stay to the fullest.
In accordance with section 160.º of the Portuguese Penal Code, we recognize that modern slavery and human trafficking offenses could appear in our organization or supply chains. We are committed to combating such awful practices to ensure that we operate with integrity and regard to human life. Please go to our careers page to read about the measures we are taking to combat human trafficking and modern slavery.
We promote green transportation by encouraging our guests to explore the city on foot, giving them the best routes and suggestions to maximize their trip. We also have bicycles in the townhouse for our guests to use if they want to venture out further. For us, it is important to teach our guests about the transportation system, how to use it, how to pay for it and how to navigate through the different systems (metro, bus, trains, electric trams).
In our Townhouse kitchen, we keep everyone in mind. We provide meals for our own employees according to their food and dietary restrictions. If there is extra bread, juice, cakes, they are more than welcome to eat it or take it home. We also donate meals to associations around Porto. You will not find our menu without delicious vegan options. Our famous home-made bread is dairy-free (and free of preservatives too). We have options for dairy-free milk alternatives including almond, soy, oatmeal, rice and hazelnuts. All these alternatives can be enjoyed with coffee, tea or chai latte. Our menu indicates all allergens including dairy and gluten.


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