Bed and Brunch Collection has been a part of many successful ventures in the building rehabilitation world.
Our ROSA ET AL Townhouse in Porto, Portugal which opened to the public in 2012 promptly won the Respect for Architecture Award given by the Architect Association in the city where it resides. It has been a favorite among the travellers and locals alike. It is undeniable that ROSA ET AL Townhouse was a project ahead of its time, an innovation that changed the dynamic of the Northern city for years to come. With ROSA ET AL Townhouse, we did not build a hotel, we built an experience. And we are building other experiences around the globe. Join us in this venture!

Our team in Portugal works with many people across the globe for one common goal, to create something spectacular from something forgotten.
Bring life into historic properties and make a difference in the community. If you own a historic property in the urban or the countryside and you are interested in turning it into a hospitality project, contact us and let us discuss how we can bring your vision and our expertise together to bring your property back to life within the Bed and Brunch Collection.

discover some of our investment services

Architectural Project
Interior Design
Property Management
Business Plan
Property Search
Building Rehabilitation

We provide property management in Porto and elsewhere. We will treat your property as our own house.
We will also make sure guests get the best service possible from the moment they book the property to the moment they leave. And your property could become a proud member of the Bed and Brunch Collection. The following is a Iist of services that could be at your reach. No fuss, just relax and enjoy!

discover some of our property management services

Listing Creation
Price Optimization
Client Screening & Relations
Concierge Services
24/7 Guest Support
Premium Linens and Toiletries

The BED AND BRUNCH COLLECTION has been an expert leader and an innovator in building rehabilitation, hospitality, design and F&B Services projects.
That is why we decided to share the knowledge we acquired from our 10 years of experience through various consulting services which include some of the following below.

discover some of our consulting services

Building Construction
Architecture Projects
Hospitality Consulting
Hotelier Services
Strategic Advisory
Property Finding
Conceptual Design
Brand Development
Restaurant Menu Engineering
Recipe Development
Menu Seasonal Consulting
Seasonal Coaching
Layout Design
Business Planning
Operational Improvement
Product Quality
Definition of Work Processes
Concept Store Creation including art and fashion
Developing Store Operation Plans
Brand Curation
Responsible Retail and Sustainability
Trend Review
Customer Experience and Behavior 
Inventory Planning
Collection Review

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